Restoring Mule Deer herds & Sage Grouse populations is our specialty.

Predator Control Corporation is leading the industry in providing predation management programs tailored to meet the needs of wildlife managers. The limiting factor that predation can play on wildlife populations is generally the lowest cost variable that can be eliminated to restore affected wildlife populations. We provide that service in the most professional and cost-effective manner available today.

Mule deer can benefit greatly when predation management plans are properly implemented. We work with managers, reservations and landowners to provide a comprehensive and integrated predation management strategy that will result in more mule deer.

Historic population levels of sage grouse trend closely to periods when mammalian and avian predators were present in lower numbers. At Predator Control Corporation we eliminate those variables so it is no longer a limiting factor in sage grouse numbers. Our management plans are expertly targeted to achieve the desired result of reducing losses to predators.

At Predator Control Corporation We work hand in hand with our clients' biologists and range scientists to achieve the management goals of the wildlife we are working with. No other provider of predation management services can provide our level of skill and knowledge to their clients.