Coyote throating sheep (1)

At Predator Control Corporation we recognize the challenges faced by today’s sheepmen. The lack of quality predator control available has made range sheep operations more challenging than ever before. We face that challenge and provide cost effective predator control that increase the profitability of your business.

Our track record of sheep losses to predators is 1% - 4% annual loss to lambs under our protection. We have always been able to reduce losses by more than half of the previous provider of predator control services. We hold ourselves to the standard of providing the absolute best sheep protection services that are available. You will not find anyone better at reducing losses to sheep than Predator Control Corporation.

Let us solve your predator problems so you can send more lambs to market this fall.

Removal methods include: Trapping | Snaring | M-44's | Denning | Ground & Aerial Hunting